Forging the Future

The intention of the Forge The Future initiative was and is to build the initial fact base and strategic directions for unlocking the economic potential of Pennsylvania’s world-class natural gas reserves, and then to educate and encourage action. Forge The Future’s work has been pursued in three phases.

Phase 1 – 2017

In Phase I, Chevron and Peoples Natural Gas invested in an econometric study by McKinsey & Company to establish a fact base and initial strategic directions to build in-region natural gas demand from downstream manufacturing and related businesses: what’s the size of the prize and what industries can we grow in Pennsylvania.

Phase II – 2018

In Phase II, Forge The Future convened nearly 100 Pennsylvania business, academic and economic development leaders from across the state to identify definitive actions for optimizing the economic opportunity and making energy-enabled growth a reality. Those strategies and ideas were published in the Ideas for Action report.

Phase III

In Phase III, which is currently underway, Forge The Future is focused on generating and distributing content that educates and raises awareness with stakeholders regarding the significant economic and community development potential of our natural gas reserves.

Forge the Future at a Glance

Below are some highlights and key findings from the Phase I and Phase II reports, which are driving efforts to increase in-state demand for natural gas, build the downstream sectors that will multiply GDP, jobs and government revenues and position Pennsylvania as the epicenter for the future of advanced manufacturing.

Strategic Directions for Energy-Driven Economic Development

Heating and Power Generation: Ensure all Pennsylvanians experience the benefits of low-cost gas for heating and efficient power generation.

Petrochemicals: Build a world-class petrochemical hub, while expanding into high-value, specialty plastics manufacturing.

Advanced Materials: Become the leading materials supplier for U.S. Northeast infrastructure growth and establish the commercial hub of advanced materials technology.

Advanced Manufacturing: Achieve a national “Top 3” position in data-hungry advanced manufacturing focusing on Pennsylvania’s leadership in robotics, AI and additive manufacturing.

Gas Exports: Ensure Pennsylvania always has enough outlets for its gas to keep production viable.

Three Primary Areas of Focus for Pennsylvania Initiatives

Make Energy a Priority: There are billions of dollars in economic growth, wages and investment potential in play. Pennsylvania’s government needs a focused staff and funding to support it.

Review and Reform Tax Policy and Incentives: Pennsylvania tax policy should be reviewed and revised in the context of our potential growth in energy and manufacturing.

Collaborate on State Workforce Development: Pennsylvania should review all workforce development programs and identify opportunities for broad-based collaboration.

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