Days Of Violence Also Scramble Northeast Energy Situation

For energy companies, the world has turned upside down, and is now partly back again.

Oil, Gas and Plastics Hit by COVID-19; Producers Await Rebound

As oil and gas producers wrestle with economic uncertainty and price slumps related to COVID-19, …

Is Raising Our Energy Costs Really Not Going to Hurt?

The Wolf administration is quietly pushing regulations on Pennsylvania energy producers that will increase electricity …

America’s Oil And Natural Gas Investments Must Continue Apace

There is a loudening mantra that COVID-19 somehow signals the “the end” of oil and …

Tom Melcher and Morgan O’Brien: Finding common cause

Pennsylvania must seize this opportunity for economic revitalization.

Pro-Gas States Pass Laws Barring Natural Gas Bans, Limits

States friendly to oil and gas development are trying to stop more cities, towns, and …

Potential Energy-Enabled Economic Growth

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