Any New Comprehensive Energy Policy in Ohio Needs to Include Natural Gas

Ohio needs to re-examine its energy policy. Considering its many benefits, natural gas must be …

5 Things to Know about Pennsylvania’s New Energy Report

This week saw the release of the Pennsylvania Energy Jobs Overview, a report by the …

Sen. Gene Yaw: Is ‘Green’ Energy Really ‘Clean’ Energy?

I recently read a commentary in the Sunbury Daily Item titled “Threat of Fossil Fuels.” 

PennEast Pipeline Would Save Consumers Millions in Energy Costs | Letter

Another day, another self-serving effort by the environmental lobby to delay important energy projects.

If You Like Lockdowns, You’ll Love the Carbon-Free Future

The climate-change movement is taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rule Allowing LNG Rail Shipments in U.S. Challenged in Court

A coalition of six environmental advocacy groups asked a federal judge on Tuesday to block …

Potential Energy-Enabled Economic Growth

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