Company Resumes Revolution Pipeline construction in Center Twp.

NETL Works to Position Appalachian Region as Epicenter of Petrochemical Resurgence

The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) recently stated that Appalachia is positioned to serve as …

Let’s Not Allow COVID to Affect our Natural Gas Sector

I fear Gov. Wolf will attempt to fill this shortfall through additional taxes on Marcellus …

Cutting the Total Cost of Electrification for EV Bus and Truck Fleets

New funding and strategies for charging, operations and risk management are needed to hit multibillion-dollar …

PIT Development Joins City’s Manufacturing Renaissance

The city that built America is now building the world’s future.

For a Climate-Concerned President and a Hostile Senate, One Technology May Provide Common Ground

Carbon capture and storage is embraced by many Republicans, but it has a fraught history.

Potential Energy-Enabled Economic Growth

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