PA’s Path To An Energy-Enabled Industrial Revolution

Pennsylvania sits within one of the world’s largest natural gas reserves. This resource represents a once-in-a-generation investment opportunity.

Forge The Future aims to help the Commonwealth capture the full value of this world-class resource by supporting efforts to make it the epicenter of the next Industrial Revolution – building the Future of Advanced Manufacturing right here.

Forging the Future


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Potential Energy-Enabled Economic Growth

Who We Are Image

Who We Are

Forge The Future is an initiative of Pennsylvania businesses who want to help fuel a new era of economic growth for Pennsylvania – one that capitalizes on its world-class energy assets and manufacturing technologies and innovation leadership to create sustained, broad-based prosperity for the state and region.

Nearly 100 Pennsylvania business, academic and economic development leaders from across the state have participated in the initiative and contributed ideas.

Economic Impact

Natural gas production is fueling manufacturing booms, creating jobs and driving economic growth.

Environmental Impact

Cleaner-burning natural gas plays a vital role in creating a low-carbon future.

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